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About us

Tek Speed Rental Car do të gjeni makina me qera me cmimet me te lira. Makina me Qera Tirane, Car Rental Tirane Albania. www.speed-rentalcar.com Car Rental Tirana, Albania - At Speed Rental Car will find cheap car for rent. The best car rental service in Albania. The best price for the best cars.


Speed Rental Car, Car Rental Leader in Tirana for the highest standards of service at the lowest prices. Rental car agency in Tirana.

Speed ​​Rental Car is the leader of low-cost car rental in Albania. We use brands like Volkswagen, BMW, Toyota, Mercedes – Benz, etc. Our cars are equipped with Airbag, ABS, Air Condition, Radio Cd-AUX-USB. All of our cars consume 5-6 liters of fuel for 100 Km.


We work continuously to provide professional service to all customers in order to make it faster and easier to booked the

Fast service and real-time response to customers in car booking is our key to success. Speed ​​Rental Car has a well-trained team of experienced car rental companies. Our vehicles are secured and with real time services.

Speed Rental Car, Agjensi makinash me qera, lider ne Tirane per standardet e larta te shërbimit me çmimet më të ulëta. Rental car agency in Tirana


Speed ​​Rental Car competes in the car market by offering the highest services at the lowest prices.

We provide the most efficient transportation methods to our customers. Speed ​​Rental Car carries out permanent investment in the car market by offering branded cars & models to customers.