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All of our vehicles are secured against damage to third parties..

If the vehicle is damaged by another vehicle the damage is not compensated by the insurance policy of the vehicle that caused the damage (as a third party). As a rule, the police report should be made, and the client should describe the accident situation in the form.

Mandatory procedure:

In case of accident the driver is obliged to call the police and the Speed ​​Rental Car agency, describe the situation and complete the necessary documentation.

Crossing Borders :

The driver must buy the Green Card in an insurance company. For the Insured are followed in the same procedures as in Albanian territory.

Additional payment options:

Fees usually include daily rentals (24 hours), unlimited Km, insurance.

Possible additions:

Delays in the delivery of the vehicle are with the following additions:

0 – 3 hours – No additional payment

3 – 5 hours – 1/4 of the daily fee

Over 5 hours – paid a full day

Delays in returning the vehicle for more than 6 hours without announcing the Speed ​​Rental Car agency will be reported to the police.

Terms of return of the vehicle from the client:

The vehicle must be returned (with regular tires and checked), in the same situation
as at the time of the rental.

Personal items:

Clients should be aware of the items left in rented vehicles, it is their risk and the agency is not responsible for those items.